Body Oil


Body Oil Porefessional is a great all around moisturizer, it helps keep my skin nice and supple.



Beauty Store Pro I’ve had a lot of this lately, so I decided to take it upon myself and make the most out of her Beauty Shop. The only thing was that she said if you have problems with your makeup when using my app don’t use ‘beauty store’ for cosmetic items but rather leave in comments! She also gives me very honest feedback on products which is always helpful (and since we’re online no one else will see our review).

Body Oil Porefessional is a great all-around moisturizer. While not as hydrating for sensitive skin or oily individuals, it still works well to provide some definition and volume of coverage without leaving behind any extra oil residue after hours in the shower (unless you’ve got tonsillitis). It’s also very gentle on your makeup if you’re trying out new products! Plus, POREFEST may have had something that makes me swear by its longevity: After 20 days wearing this product, my pores were gone.


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